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S4E7: Life-Giving Work as a Catalyst for Engagement in the Workplace

Bob Lonac, Retired President and CEO of CRISTA, shares with you about how Life-Giving Work is a key driver to help improve, and even transform, your workplace culture.


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In this episode:

  • Understanding how employees experience their workplace is critical. 
  • The Best Christian Workplace gives us a wide and deep look around all the statistically important areas of employee engagement.
  • We can’t work on what we don’t understand.
  • Leaders define reality and we don’t see things from others point of view until they tell us.
  • Life-Giving Work is that which is full of meaning and has significance or purpose that is life-giving. It’s work that’s inspirational--when staff are devoted to their roles and are able to utilize their skills and spiritual gifts, they love working in the organization.
  • Employees love to feel they are making an important contribution to our mission. They join a mission because they want to make a difference in God’s work.
  • What is one the most important things any leader can do to cultivate and strengthen Life-Giving Work in their organization?
  • You have to be a transformed person yourself in order to create a transformed workplace.
  • What is life-giving about the 360 review in context of the desire to grow as a leader?
  • The secret sauce for developing a strong board
  • You have to grow a professional and effective ministry to attract a great board

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