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Develop People and Change Outcomes

People don't change without assistance and accountability. Our coaching offers continuous improvement in leadership behavior.


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Focus on What Really Works

We use a coaching model called Stakeholder Centered Coaching that delivers a 95% success rate improving leadership behavior.


Identify Growth Areas

We bring leaders into the process of identifying growth areas so they understand the cost/benefit of doing the work. Once the goals are decided, we work with the leader to identify stakeholders who are beneficiaries of the leader's improvement.


Create Action Plan

Leaders work directly with their coach to create an action plan focused on the clear areas of growth that are desired. The plan also involves clear was to measure and assess progress along the way.



The path towards meaningful change involves a commitment to stay accountable and review progress consistently. We schedule monthly follow-up coaching sessions and quarterly mini-assessments that focus on reviewing progress and moving the needle in the right direction.


Leadership and group coaching available.


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Simple 4-Step Process

Leadership and group coaching is facilitated by a trained expert.

Identify growth areas together

Create action plan together

Conduct monthly follow-ups

Conduct quarterly assessments

Leadership and group coaching available.


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