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Check Your Action Plan, Keep Growing

Measure the progress of your action plans and stay the course with a six-month glimpse into the health of your culture.


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Check Your Action Plan Progress

See how your action plans are progressing and make needed adjustments midway through your annual employee engagement survey.


Quick & Easy

The Pulse Survey includes the 16 questions most closely correlated to employee engagement. With no demographic questions, it takes just five minutes to complete.


Simple Reporting

Check your culture building progress with clear and powerful data delivered on an easy-to-read, single-page report. Use the data to make adjustments until your next employee engagement survey.


Professional Debrief

Your executive leadership team will receive a professional video conference debrief with one of our highly experienced consultants. We will help you interpret the results and identify next steps.


Clear and powerful data is the key to building a healthier culture. Stay the course on your journey with a six-month Pulse Survey.

Best Christian Workplaces does not award certifications based on the results of a Pulse Survey.


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Why Choose Our Survey

Pulse Survey
Quick & Easy
The survey takes only five minutes to complete.
Powerful Data
The survey focuses on the most important areas that impact workplace culture.
Simple Layout
The survey is delivered on a single-page, easy-to-read report.
Results Oriented
The survey can't replace the full employee engagement survey but it does provide actionable data for making progress tweaks.
Cost Efficient
The report comes with one base fee with no per-person fees attached.
Live Debriefing
Receive a professional debrief over video conference with an experienced consultant.
Friendly Support
Our friendly staff is available Mon-Fri to answer questions and assist you as needed.

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Best Christian Workplaces does not award certifications based on the results of a Pulse Survey.

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