Leadership 360

Strong Leaders Create Healthy Cultures

Develop your leadership talent with actionable feedback and clear goals that change behavior and improve performance.


360 Proposal

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Develop Your Leaders

Leadership 360 aligns leadership behaviors and skills with your organization's needs, resulting in healthier and more engaged workplace cultures.


Actionable Data

The Leadership 360 survey combines real-time feedback and development goals to create the best path forward for leadership growth. The survey is structured around biblical concepts and features a simple, web-based user interface.


Competency Model

Our core model is based on the three overriding leadership characteristics that support the development of the ideal Christian servant leader: Character, Competence, and Chemistry.


Professional Debrief

Your executive leadership team will receive a professional video conference debrief with one of our highly experienced consultants. The consultant reviews the survey results with the surveyed leader present and provides actionable steps for growth.


Your organization will rise or fall based on the quality and strength of your leaders. Take the next step to raise up world class leaders.


360 Proposal

Why Choose Our Survey

Leadership 360
Actionable Feedback
Get real-time feedback from key people who work with the leader.
Defined Goals
Combine real-time feedback with defined goals for the most effective growth.
Biblical Structure
The survey is structured from a biblical perspective of servant leadership.
Simple User Interface
Get the results quickly and efficiently with a streamlined user interface.
Competency Model
Drive leadership growth based on character, competence, and chemistry
Live Debriefing
Receive a professional debrief over video conference with an experienced consultant.
Profile Radar Chart
See scores from all rating groups across all competencies and quickly identify gaps.
Friendly Support
Our friendly staff is available Mon-Fri to answer questions and assist you as needed.

360 Proposal

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