Discovery Groups

Move Beyond Hidden Culture Issues

Discovery Groups are essential to identifying blind spots that are often not visible to senior leaders and moving beyond the pain points.


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Uncover Issues Holding You Back

Discovery Groups are a proven and effective approach to find out what's holding your organization back. Get to the real issues and grow beyond setbacks.


Uncover Systemic Issues

Identify the root causes behind highly significant and lower-scored areas from the employee engagement survey. Discovery Groups can be critical to moving beyond systemic problems often not seen by senior leaders.


Remove Setbacks

Discovery Groups create a release valve for employees that result in actionable themes to address core issues. The process often turns negative energy into positive momentum towards a healthier culture.


Summary Report

Discovery Groups are facilitated and led by one of our highly experienced consultants. We provide you with a series of recommendations in a written report that address systemic issues.


Simple 3-Step Process

Every Discovery Group is facilitated by a trained expert.

Give input into the key areas to explore

Engage staff in groups of 4-8 people

Receive an action report of the findings



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