Cultivate a Workplace Culture That Drives Kingdom Impact

Exponential 2024 Breakout Session

ROOM: Kids 1, Room 209

Brought to you by Best Christian Workplaces. Free lunch included with registration, if registered by Tuesday, March 5 at 4pm ET.

Every leader wants their church to make a bigger impact in the world, but many fail to see the connection between workplace culture and kingdom impact. Leaders can make a one eighty turn back to discipleship-making by focusing on their own internal culture first.

Workshop Takeaways

  • Learn the importance of identifying symptoms of an unhealthy culture and how they could be impacting your church
  • Learn the eight PhD research-backed drivers that are proven to impact workplace culture (you need more than intuition)
  • Walk away with the tools you need to start the process towards building a flourishing workplace culture (free resource on the State of the Christian Workplace Culture)



Workshop Speaker

Tara VanderSande

Tara is an organizational leadership and engagement consultant, talent strategist, HR manager, trainer, public speaker and culture champion. Tara has expertise implementing best practices that increase employee and volunteer engagement and organizational outcomes.


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