Hanna Luft

Executive assistant

Hanna Luft is the Executive Assistant for CEO, Jay Bransford, and Cofounder, Al Lopus, at Best Christian Workplaces. She understands the importance of cultivating a positive, cohesive, and intentional team culture. Hanna started her career coaching rowing at the collegiate level. She served as Director of Rowing and Head Coach for Loyola Marymount University before moving to Austin, where she was on staff with the University of Texas for three years. Two of those three years at UT, the team won the NCAA National Championship (2021, 2022).

Hanna focuses on developing, maintaining, and growing an authentic culture with the teams she works with. She believes wholeheartedly in investing in the values within a team—athletic teams or workplace teams alike. Hanna believes individuals need to be engaged and invested in the work they do so that their effort is meaningful and productive.  Hanna left the collegiate coaching world to focus on her family at the end of the 2022 rowing season and ultimately found her way to the team at Best Christian Workplaces. 

Hanna is grateful to work on the team at Best Christian Workplaces where God is honored through cultivating Kingdom flourishing.

Hanna lives outside Austin, Texas with her husband, Matt, and their children, George and Adeline. She is actively involved with the motherhood group through her church; she serves on the leadership team as a small group leader and coordinator for the children’s activities. Hanna enjoys making and enjoying meals with friends, hiking with her husband and kids, and learning how to garden in Central Texas after being spoiled by the climate in Southern California for many years.