Rob McKenna

Board Member

Dr. Rob McKenna is a board member at Best Christian Workplaces (BCW). Dr. McKenna has devoted his life to developing leaders and transforming the way we see the people in our organizations - seeing and developing them as whole.

Named among the top 30 most influential I-O Psychologists, and featured in Forbes, Dr. McKenna is CEO of WiLD Leaders, Inc. His first TedX, "Becoming a Whole Leader in a Broken World," is a manifesto on the critical role that developing whole and intentional leaders will play in our future. He hosts The WiLD Conversation Podcast and is creator of the WiLD Toolkit - a scalable, repeatable system for whole and intentional leader development. 

Dr. McKenna's clients have included Boeing, Microsoft, Heineken, Blue Origin, Alaska Airlines, Foster Farms, the U.S. government, and Children's Hospital. He previously served as chair and professor of a Master's and PhD Industrial-Organizational Psychology program, and is the author of numerous articles and chapters on leadership character, calling, effectiveness, and leadership under pressure. His latest book, Composed: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressue, is a rigorous and practical guide to maintaining our composure and presence when it matters most. His most recent TedX on this topic is "Whole Leaders Under Pressure."

Dr. McKenna's life has been committed to developing leaders with the sacrificial character of Jesus Christ and is deeply committed to the mission of BCW, to help prepare leaders and organizations to be the best, most effective places to work in the world.

Rob and his wife Jackie have two sons and live in Kirkland, Washington. Their two sons are now off to college, so they are a season of learning how to be empty nesters. Dr. McKenna is an outdoorsman and spends his free time hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and simply being with close friends.