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330: Moving Your Church from Uncertainty to Seeing a Great Harvest

330: Moving Your Church from Uncertainty to Seeing a Great Harvest

Would you like to see your church's staff culture radically transformed in two short years? Listen to the actionable steps to tend to the soil of your culture and to experience a wave of momentum. Our guests are Whit George and Brian Jobe. Whit is the Lead Pastor of Church on the Move, and Brian is the Chief Operating Officer. 

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In this episode:

  • "Culture takes so much longer to build than you want. It just always does." (04:19)
  • Moving an organization from one leadership style to another (05:24)
  • There was a big gap between Whit and the team. (05:58)
  • Church on the Move has gotten to work in closing that gap (06:11)
  • Core values must be more than a poster on a wall. You must live them out (07:24)
  • The importance of sharing survey results with your entire staff (11:01)
  • Focus on healthy communication, building trust and strategy (11:41)
  • Staff experiencing chaos or feeling pulled in different directions (15:57)
  • "When you talk about employee engagement, I don't know that we would have known how to measure that before taking the Survey." -Brian (21:23)
  • Hosting weekly all-staff call (24:35)
  • Some specific ways you've equipped that middle-management supervisory group to help engage them more effectively (26:12)
  • As your employees are more engaged and bought in and feeling good about what they're doing, you just can't help but to have an impact on the church (29:10)
  • Seeing a wave of momentum starting to build (29:43)
  • Brian's favorite aspect of their culture and where it is from a health standpoint is seeing that all their churches have the same culture (31:47)
  • Practices or rhythms to help sustain your staff spiritually and emotionally (36:00)
  • "Trying to kind of set that precedent for people is like, put your best work in, but then don't let work dominate your whole life. Take a break, take a Sabbath." -Whit (39:18)
  • "I think I would just specifically talk to anyone out there that's listening that's maybe on the fence of considering Best Christian Workplace. You know, as leaders we can get overconfident that we really understand maybe what reality is, or we can lean in on a confidant or a coworker, maybe our right-arm guy and feel like we really have the intelligence in our organizations and know what the right things are to work on. One of the biggest gifts of the Survey for us is just, like, it's black and white. It's a very detailed physical." -Brian (46:26)

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