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S8E07: Top Reasons Why Your Church Should Prioritize Teamwork and Trust

S8E07: Top Reasons Why Your Church Should Prioritize Teamwork and Trust

Are you interested in increasing the impact of your organization? This episode includes a wealth of practical steps your organization can take to do that. Ashley Wooldridge and Jeff Osborne are the top two leaders of one of the largest churches in USA. Ashley is the Senior Pastor of Christ’s Church of the Valley, and Jeff is the Executive Pastor

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In this episode:

  • Some principles or practices that Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV) and the senior team have implemented to build trust (02:02)

  • Culture flows top down, whatever you want needs to be practice at the top. (02:24)
  • The executive team leaders actually trust each other (03:12)
  • Members of executive team, during performance reviews, are graded on how well they engaged in teamwork (04:08)
  • For example, are they defaulting to each other in areas where other leaders are stronger? (04:40)
  • How CCV has focused on employee development and how it has provided opportunities for its staff (06:11)

  • If you're not growing individually, you're dying; put together an individual growth plan (06:30)
  • Implemented leadership fundamental courses (07:49)
  • CCV created role certifications (08:30)
  • Rolling out a learning management system (09:14)
  • How can large churches or organizations keep everyone focused on a sustainable strategy? (10:43)
  • Keep communicating your main thing and it needs to be simple and not complex (11:47)
  • How strategic clarity interact with giving people space to innovate in their jobs (16:47)
  • Leaders must be willing to give employees the keys a little bit (21:09)
  • Create a culture where we embrace some failure; If there's a miss, no one will come down on you (21:49)
  • Some practical steps that CCV took in the past year or two to focus on healthy communication (23:11)
  • Accountability showed up in survey findings as an area that needed work (34:57)
  • You have to have a way to measure your culture and go do something about it (38:54)

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