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361: Scaling Up Your School: Fostering Flourishing Workplace Culture During Rapid Expansion

361: Scaling Up Your School: Fostering Flourishing Workplace Culture During Rapid Expansion


Consider the scenario where you're tasked with overseeing your organization as it rapidly triples in size, all the while nurturing a thriving workplace culture. How would you go about enabling this remarkable growth? Ryan Hyde, Head of School at Calvary Christian School in Bellefontaine, Ohio, shares several key initiatives that have been foundational to their growth. 


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In this episode:

  • Calvary Christian School has Employee Engagement Survey results that are well above its peers (05:09)
  • After rapid enrollment growth, Calvary Christian School took its first Employee Engagement Survey, and it made it clear that what worked prior to growth would no longer work (07:55)
  • Every educator at the school develops an individualized professional development plan, or an IPDP (10:06)
  • Processes for recognizing faculty, and staff, and giving them recognition for doing a good job (11:39)
  • How to recruit and onboard and keep people and help them feel like they're an important part of the mission and vision (16:45)
  • Our younger employees today are drawn to work that they believe matters (19:04)
  • How to have effective communication between teams on different campuses (28:16)
  • The importance of Sustainable Strategy and getting your team to have a consensus on goals and commit to them (33:10)
  • Pat Lencioni’s The Advantage, offers practical steps for organizational health and clarity and has encouraged Calvary Christian School to develop a Playbook (33:32)


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