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376: From Leadership to Discipleship: Nurturing Christian Worldview in Organizations

376: From Leadership to Discipleship: Nurturing Christian Worldview in Organizations

Join us as S. Michael Craven, Vice President of Equipping & Mobilization at the Colson Center, discusses the fallacy of the sacred/secular divide, emphasizes the vital role of business in the Kingdom, and highlights the Colson Center's resources for cultivating a Christian worldview. 


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In this episode:

  • Integration of Faith and Work: Craven emphasizes that all work, including business, is sacred and belongs to God. This challenges the Platonic fallacy of dividing the world into sacred and secular realms. (18:27)
  • Christian Perspective on Free Markets: He argues that free markets aren't just economic constructs but are influenced by Christian theology, emphasizing work as a service to others and a means of poverty prevention. (19:04)
  • Role of Christian Business Leaders: Business owners and CEOs are seen as stewards within God's kingdom, fulfilling roles akin to that of a king. They should use their gifts for the service of others and contribute to the common good. (21:16)
  • Spiritual Value of Work: Work is intrinsically good and not just a means to a spiritual end. This challenges the notion that work is only valuable if it leads to evangelization or other spiritual activities. (23:26)
  • Evangelism and Business Ethics: While maintaining moral and ethical standards is crucial, it's also important to express the broader gospel of the kingdom in the workplace, beyond just personal salvation. (23:56)
  • Discipleship in the Workplace: Christian organizations should play a role in discipling their employees, especially as biblical knowledge in the workforce may be diminishing. (27:54)
  • The Church Beyond Buildings: Craven stresses that the church is not just a physical space but a community of believers called to demonstrate life under Christ's rule in all areas, including work. (30:17)
  • Cultural Engagement and Christianization: Christians are called to influence and transform culture and nations with Christian values. (30:51)
  • Training and Resources for Christian Worldview: The Colson Center and similar organizations provide resources and training programs to help Christians apply their faith in various aspects of life, including business. (32:18)
  • Challenges to Christian Faith: Craven discusses external threats to Christianity, like certain ideologies, and the need to understand and gently dismantle these with truth and love. (35:59)
  • Future of the Church: Despite current challenges, Craven expresses hope for the future of the Church, emphasizing the need to present a compelling vision of the gospel to the younger generation. (37:51)
  • Privatization of Christian Faith: The conversation concludes with a critique of reducing the gospel to personal salvation, emphasizing the broader narrative of God's creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. (38:28)


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