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370: 7 Workplace Trends for 2024

370: 7 Workplace Trends for 2024

As Christian leaders, the burning question on your minds might be, "What trends can we expect this year?" Join us in this annual episode as we delve into the anticipated workplace trends for Christian-led organizations in 2024.


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In this episode:

1. Clarifying Christian Worldview in the Christian Workplace: (03:20)
  • Importance of communicating a clear Christian worldview in diverse ideological environments. (03:43)
  • Focus on aligning every aspect of the Christian workplace with biblical principles. (03:50)
  • Emphasis on leadership's role in integrating biblical values into organizational culture. (03:55)
  • The challenge of lower biblical knowledge among employees and the need for intentional discipleship. (04:10)
2. The Great Stay: Continued Focus on Engagement and Well-being: (10:19)
  • Shift from the Great Resignation to the Great Stay, where employees are more likely to stay in their jobs. (10:32)
  • Data showing a reduction in job quit rates, with a focus on engagement and well-being as key factors. (11:08)
  • Factors contributing to the Great Stay, including improved employee engagement, economic uncertainty, and increased focus on rewarding compensation. (12:22)
3. The Rise of Generative Artificial Intelligence Everywhere: (14:57)
  • Increasing impact of AI and automation on the workplace. (15:11)
  • Statistics indicating widespread adoption of AI in organizations. (15:52)
  • Examples of how AI is transforming Christian workplaces, including sermon creation and administrative tasks. (16:32)
  • Recommendations for ethical AI use, transparency, privacy, standards, and employee training. (17:57)
4. Increased Focus on Employee Well-being: (21:18)
  • Recognition of the importance of employee well-being to productivity and engagement. (21:29)
  • Impact of the pandemic on mental health highlighting the need for well-being initiatives. (21:45)
  • Christian workplaces' unique opportunity to promote well-being through spiritual growth resources. (23:11)
  • Trends in prioritizing work-life balance, mental health support, and fostering a supportive workplace culture. (23:51)
5. Gig Economy Expansion: (26:49)
  • Continued rise of the gig economy. (27:08)
  • Increase in digital marketplaces for gig work. (27:20)
  • Flexibility, income diversification, and specialized skills in gig work. (27:36)
6. Reduction of Full-time Remote Work: (32:21)
  • Shift towards hybrid work arrangements. (32:30)
  • Leaders' concerns about remote work impact. (33:53)
  • Employee preferences for flexibility and work-life balance. (34:35)
7. Greater Emphasis on Purpose and Meaning at Work: (36:46)
  • Changing values and priorities in the culture. ((37:10)
  • Increased awareness of social-justice issues. (37:44)
  • Heightened sense of self-awareness in employees. (38:14)
  • Benefits of fostering meaning and purpose at work. (39:19)


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