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S7E02: How to Build Effective Processes for Hiring Top Talent

S7E02: How to Build Effective Processes for Hiring Top Talent

Are you finding it difficult to fill your open positions? Mistakes in hiring can be costly, not just financially, but in terms of employee morale and engagement. As we start out the new year, listen in for some timely tips from Tara VanderSande, Senior Engagement, and Talent Consultant, at Best Christian Workplaces. Learn how to hire great people in this challenging environment.


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In this episode:

  • Tara  you have a rich background in human resources leadership and consulting and having worked with you for the past 10 years, I know you have a passion for talent and engagement.   What is it that energizes you about having outstanding talent and highly engaged people in Christian-led organizations? (01:42)
  • "I'm truly passionate about helping Christian-led organizations be the best most effective places to work." (02:02)
  • Can you walk us through some important steps that an organization needs to take even before they start recruiting for an open position? Especially if they are looking for someone for a leadership position. (02:52)
  • Four Pre-posting steps (03:00)
    • Define your culture
    • Assess your organization's needs
    • Evaluate and update your core responsibilities
    • Identify the key competencies
  • Make sure you have a great understanding of your culture. 03:31)
  • Can you qualify and quantity the environment at your workplace. Define EVP (Employee Value Proposition) (03:41)
  • Assess current or future needs of your organization or department (03:57)
  • Determine the key responsibilities for that role (04:32)
  • What skills and behaviors do you need this candidate to demonstrate in order to be successful? (05:12)
  • A recommendation on where to find key competencies (06:16)
  • We’ve been hearing about how tight the labor market is – can you share some strategies for recruitment that can help an organization if they don’t seem to be getting the pool of talent they need for a position? (07:00)
  • Lead your recruiting efforts with who you are and not just what you do. Employees want to know that the best hours of their day are making a difference in their community and in the world. (08:04)
  • Finding a good fit is so important. We often talk about the three Cs, Character, Competence, and ChemistryThese are important concepts, but in practical terms – how can the hiring process uncover these qualities? (08:57)
  • Behavioral-based interviewing is asking about something you did in the past; it's not about what would you do in the future (11:15)
  • You have worked with many organizations through Best Christian Workplaces Institute to hone their human resources processes. Are there some practices that stand out in terms of excellence in recruiting and hiring that you can share with us? (12:04)
  • What happens when you rush to hire someone after only a couple of interviews? (15:14)
  • What are the most common mistakes you see in recruiting and hiring so that people can avoid making those mistakes? (17:39)
  • Can you provide some tips for a hiring manager who may be used to a more traditional, in-person interview process? How can they get past the screen and connect with a candidate for a great selection process? (19:37)
  •  I know onboarding could be a podcast all by itself, but can you share two or three of the most important things an organization needs to do for successful onboarding after they have hired a great person. (22:39)


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