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334: How Two Leaders Moved their Church from Unhealthy to Flourishing Culture

334: How Two Leaders Moved their Church from Unhealthy to Flourishing Culture

In this episode, you'll hear from two top leaders of a church describe how they moved from a toxic to a flourishing workplace culture. They describe their staff as having more unity, energy, excitement, and enthusiasm to execute their strategy. Learn more from Bob Beckler, senior pastor of Central Community Church and Justin Mohr, executive pastor.

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In this episode:

  • Bob describes the responsibilities he decided to keep as a primary role as senior pastor and how he decided what responsibilities to pass on to Justin in the executive-pastor role (06:13). 
  • "You know, I would say that, I mean, if we're honest, our church, our staff, we were toxic, and you know we were scraping the bottom." - Bob (06:40)
  • "I want to be a church that not just sets the bar, but we are the bar. I want to be a church where people can't wait to come to work." - Bob (07:14)
  • As Bob and Justin began to talk about the culture of Central Community, Bob began to release more and more of the responsibilities of leading the staff and taking care of the ministries to Justin (08:30)
  • Started having meetings where people were given a seat at the table and other departments were invited to speak into other areas of the church (10:08)
  • Work hard on being transparent: talk about the challenging things (11:27)
  • A senior pastor trusting the executive pastor (24:20)
  • "Our team, our staff, watches the way our leadership gets along, and sometimes we don't realize sometimes how much they watch." (24:34)
  • "You know, you absolutely see a correlation, and I think that's one of the most exciting pieces of it. I think that energizes us as leaders, but it also energizes the rest of the staff as well." (25:39)
  • Seeing the impact of flourishing workplace culture on the congregation (26:14)

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