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S8E04: Discipleship as a Key to Racial Reconciliation

Dr. Robert Loggins speaks on discipleship as a major key to bridging the racial divide

As we address racial tensions in the workplace, many would agree that at the core of the problem is broken trust on both sides. In this episode, Al Lopus talks with Dr. Robert Loggins, President of Robert F. Loggins Ministries and a Minister-at-Large for Citygate Network. Robert is a leader who believes racial reconciliation should be part of any leader’s discipleship journey. Listen in as he teaches us some practical approaches.

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In this episode:

  • God led Robert to expand his focus on equipping disciples to make disciples of Jesus Christ. How God gave Robert a bigger vision, and how that journey has impacted his ministry. (02:50)
  • A multiracial group that Robert helped to facilitate. This group of Christian leaders has been learning together about racism and racial reconciliation. (05:13)
  • How do we as individuals take steps forward to continue the process of healing and reconciliation for ourselves and even as it affects our organizations? (08:37)
  • "What we should do is reach for the possible to eradicate the impossible. And the possible is this: it begins with agape love. It begins with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. It begins to understand that there is a distinctive difference between the different characteristics of love." (09:22)
  • "When we begin to do that, the energy that God gives us provides the open doors to the hearts of people, and they respond to the authenticity of genuine love." (10:57)
  • A story of a situation where you've seen people grow and work together in racial reconciliation. (11:27)
  • What helps to create an environment for growth where healing can take place and races come together? (14:45)
  • We've got to be intentional in knowing how to use our influence to be able to biblically and spiritually influence others. We do that in a quiet place. (15:15)
  • Steps leaders can take to build a workplace that values diverse voices and experiences (18:10)
  • We must have a listening heart. A listening heart is a heart that is sensitive to biblical truth (19:05)
  • I think our language needs to shift in understanding that we are people. (22:32)
  • Characteristics of Christian leaders who continue to focus on issues of racial reconciliation (25:24)
  • "Racism is a culturally embedded sin." (31:39).
  • A simple step: be intentional and find a friend of another racial background or birth and begin building a relationship with them (37:52)
  • "We've got to step out of our hurt and step over into the path of help." (42:33)


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