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S8E08: 4 Vital Qualities to Look For When Hiring a Leader

S8E08: 4 Vital Qualities to Look For When Hiring a Leader

Discover how to take on a top-leadership role in a well-known organization with a long legacy. Would you know what to do, what kind of leaders to hire, and how to build trust? In this episode, the president of Seattle's Union Gospel Mission, Scott Chin, shares how he succeeded in this area. 

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In this episode:

  • Some ways that Scott and Seattle's Union Gospel Mission's (SUGM) leadership team have used the results of the Engagement Survey to implement changes (02:21)

  • The first one is inclusive solution design. Take the annual Survey results, and enlist Mission leaders from across the organization to co-create potential solutions for various growth areas. (02:31)

  • Secondly, focus on a few versus too many items. (02:55)
  • Third, accountability in a feedback loop. Regularly report progress for the things you've committed to do to the entire organization. That demonstrates transparency. (03:20)

  • Use the next annual Survey to see if you're realizing the progress you want and expect. (03:37)
  • Positive change happens with a cohesive leadership team (04:24)
  • Qualities to look for when you're bringing together a leadership team (04:29)
  • Number one, a deep faith in Jesus. (04:51)
  • Number two, big-plate leaders. leaders who can shoulder a broad plate of responsibilities (05:04)
  • Number three, look for leaders that are hungry. Self-motivated leaders are a key. (05:39)

  • Lastly, look for leaders that are humble (05:54)


  • "I firmly believe that strong leaders ultimately, Al, they want to walk in the fullness of their unique God-given skills and experience. And in order for that to happen, these leaders, they really do need clarity. They need freedom, and they need ownership. So by providing them with those three key ingredients, then they can really thrive in their roles and responsibilities." (07:09)

  • "When people are flourishing, it really helps them bear fruit, much fruit, and fruit that lasts." (09:10)
  • Practical strategies for leading well and managing the challenge of a new role in the first six months to a year in an organization (14:57)
  • One, ask a lot of questions in the beginning, and just as important, keep asking questions. (15:08)
  • Number two, be unwavering in providing clarity and focus. (15:39)
  • Third word of advice is give the credit away. (16:05)


  • One challenge is building fantastic teams. And I love the BCW Survey results because it puts such an emphasis on this. And as you know, this is a never-ending challenge. It takes dedication; it takes intentionality." (19:50)


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