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S8E09: Level Up Your Leadership with a 360 Review and Transparency

S8E09: Level Up Your Leadership with a 360 Review and Transparency

Are you receiving feedback that will help you develop the leadership necessary to meet tomorrow's challenges? Some leaders are resistant to receiving 360 feedback. But in this episode, we have a leader who's been open to 360 feedback for the last ten years and has flourished. Keith Speaks is our guest and he's the senior pastor of Hales Corners Lutheran Church in Wisconsin.

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In this episode:

  • The Leadership 360 survey combines real-time feedback and development goals to create the best path forward for leadership growth. (03:46)
  • How the feedback from the 360 helped Keith as he was starting this new ministry at the church. (04:17)

  • Looking at the 360 from a perspective of what  he knew he needed, and then also what his corporate-leadership board of directors knew that they would have as an onboarding process. (05:13)
  • The importance of transparency in leadership (06:28)
  • The 360 is "a collaborative effort of giving feedback and growth, and it's just invaluable." (07:27)
  • How the results from a leadership 360 review helped foster change in Keith's leadership style. (08:26)
  • Examples of bottom-ten topics: work-life balance and availability and connection. (09:00)
  • Why would a leader seek out this kind of feedback? (11:31)
  • The book of Proverbs says, “A wise man seeks counsel.” (11:50)
  • A discipline that is needed in receiving feedback is where you don't give any more or less weight to a comment than wisdom says is prudent.  (15:26)
  • How the continued emphasis on assessment and learning helps to set growth goals and to develop as a leader. (17:42)
  • Honor the past while looking to the future with excitement and challenge. (25:06)

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