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S8E10: How Strong Strategic Clarity Leads to Kingdom Impact

S8E10: How Strong Strategic Clarity Leads to Kingdom Impact

Are you looking to make an impact through your organization's mission? Great Kingdom impact is possible when engaged employees are clearly focused on a sustainable strategy. In this episode, you'll learn how to develop strong strategic clarity. Learn more from Janice Rosser Allen. Janice is the CEO of ICM, the Global Church Developer. 

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In this episode:

  • ICM, the global church developer, focuses on a particular slice of the Great Commission (01:39)
  • ICM's vision is that there would be a healthy church in walking distance of everyone in the world (02:23)
  • What makes the strategic focus so clear at ICM? (06:25)
  • Created foundational documents for the ministry (06:30)
  • Having a very clear philosophy for fundraising and development (08:09)
  • Five strategic pillars of ICM's strategy (09:59)
    • Aligning with ICM's mission statement (10:07)
    • Fundraising and marketing (10:23)
    • Increasing the use of cutting-edge technology (10:28)
  • A message to leaders who are discouraged about keeping their teams clear on goals and strategy (11:00)
  • "Everyone knows what the plan is. We reinforce the plan. Every department has their quarterly goals and have to report on those quarterly goals." (11:36)
  • "We encourage all of our team and when we have our staff retreats, which we have for the entire team twice a year." (14:00)
  • How to equip managers, supervisors, and frontline staff to work together on their teams and even between teams (18:06)
  • Some of the ways that ICM invests and supports in employees to have healthy rhythms of work (22:42)
  • How to keep spiritually nourished for the work that you do (27:00)

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