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335: Why Healthy Culture is at the Heart of Meeting Your Fundraising Goals

335: Why Healthy Culture is at the Heart of Meeting Your Fundraising Goals

Employees who are engaged in the workforce don't want a leader who just barks out orders. Leaders who develop a flourishing workplace culture have a very different attitude. This episode features Brad Layland, CEO of The FOCUS Group. Brad is a leader and author who has been very intentional about building a flourishing culture based on deep, long-lasting relationships.

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In this episode:

  • "Culture matters and having a workplace that reflects an incredible culture is my goal at my own company, and I love it when the clients we serve have that same passion and commitment." (02:28)
  • The work of The FOCUS Group and what's behind its relational fundraising approach.
  • Why Brad decided to include culture and care in specific staff responsibilities (05:03)
  • The role of chief culture officer came about as a result of the FOCUS group beginning to take Best Christian Workplaces surveys (07:48)
  • Has being a certified best Christian workplace actually helped The FOCUS Group to attract or retain a great team? (08:52)
  • Dave Ramsey's book in which he talked about his 10-step process to bringing on a new employee (09:39)
  • Some specific ways that an engaged, flourishing workplace has created an environment for effective work with The FOCUS Group's clients (12:38)
  • Having an org chart that supported growth was a strategic goal (17:35)
  • "My vision is that the culture at The FOCUS Group continues to get better." (19:15)
  • The relationship between the health of an organization's culture and its ability to raise support for its work (24:01)
  • "When culture is strong, that's part of the compensation." (24:58)
  • "The core and the essence of God is the Father, Son, the Holy Spirit, that God's essence is relationships. And so when our culture, when our work, when our lives, honor relationships, we’re honoring something that's at the core of who God is. And so that's why relationships are so important." (32:06)

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