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241 Organizations Honored as “Certified Best Christian Workplaces” in 2022

241 Organizations Honored as “Certified Best Christian Workplaces” in 2022

(Mercer Island, WA)— Today, Best Christian Workplaces (BCW) honors 241 faith-based organizations and Christian-owned businesses as Certified Best Christian Workplaces in 2022.

As many organizations continue to face challenges related to the ongoing shift from virtual and hybrid work environments, these workplaces demonstrate upstanding dedication to building and protecting a strong workplace and prioritizing healthy working relationships amongst teammates and managers.

Says Jay Bransford, CEO, “Although many people report increased productivity when they have more flexibility with their work location, it can also bring with it some unique challenges. Thus, when Best Christian Workplaces provides actionable data and feedback from our employee engagement survey, leaders of organizations feel well-equipped to understand which aspects of their culture are being negatively affected and in what ways staff would like more support from their supervisors/managers.”

Faced with high inflation and low unemployment, this year’s survey results also highlight the squeeze many employers have also felt in the area of rising labor costs. The factors highlighted in the survey, specifically concerning compensation, have helped organizations determine how pay impacts their employee’s levels of engagement and motivation, and their likelihood to look for higher-paid work elsewhere.

“Approaches to compensation strategy can vary, but the most successful organizations are proactive and intentional,” explains Bransford. “In some cases, leaders simply identify a need to better communicate their pay philosophy and benefits programs. And in other cases, leaders have identified a need to re-assess the pay, benefits and/or career path opportunities offered.”

Now more than ever, employees have the ability to choose where they want to work and what they want their workplace to be like. As a result, employers who take the health of their workplaces seriously are at a significant strategic advantage. The 241 organizations honored today set the gold standard for excellence in employee engagement, and BCW is hopeful and expectant for the year to come.

“Imagine what would happen in our societies if Christian-led organizations decided to rise up and set the standard as the best, most effective places to work in the world,” says Bransford. “Not only would it mean that Christian-led workplaces would successfully attract and retain the best talent, but they would also be positively representing the nature and character of God in and through their workplace cultures. In doing so, they would bring more people to Christ. Now that’s something to be hopeful and expectant about in the year ahead!”

This year’s Certified Best Christian Workplaces list features organizations in the United States, Canada, Australia, Thailand, and Zambia, and includes a variety of faith-based nonprofits, churches, Christian schools, camps and conferences, and Christian-owned businesses. Validated by their own employees, certified organizations must meet the required scoring standard through BCW’s robust employee engagement survey.

The following organizations are honored as Certified Best Christian Workplaces in 2022. Visit the Best Christian Workplaces Certification Page for search and filter options.