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5 Reasons Why Improving Your Culture Matters

5 Reasons Why Improving Your Culture Matters


Brian Mosley, RightNow Media


Get ready.

In the list of "Nine Culture Breakthroughs," below, I believe you'll find what your workplace culture needs for your people to thrive and your organization to grow. The nine gems break out like this:

1-5-3.  One question. Five reasons. Three wins.

Here we go.

One question: Is everything going well inside your workplace culture right now?

Brian Mosley, President of RightNow Media, leveled with me in a recent conversation.  “There were signs, little things, I was seeing and sensing at work.  We were experiencing employee turnover on some of our teams and I felt there were also a few other things people wanted to tell me. It was time to listen.”

Five reasons why improving your culture matters

Brian then described the very things I desire for every leader, team, and organization who wants a healthier, more joy-filled, productive and fulfilled workplace:

  • “After we took the BCWI Staff Engagement Survey, we didn’t hide from the employee feedback. Instead, we took it to heart and shared it with our team. Result: We moved one step closer to needed change, like giving our people more health care options.
  • “Hearing, and then acting upon, people’s feedback has improved our culture, as in building greater communication and mutual trust.
  • We’re listening to our employees more. Listening to their questions and issues has opened the door to more candid conversations.
  • Spiritual vitality is a big part of our culture. Through our workplace culture, individually and together, we can serve and affirm the church.
  • When we celebrate our employees, everyone benefits. To see 80 staff sing “Happy Birthday” to a popular team member named Merry is to see a look of delight in everyone's face."

Three culture wins RightNow Media (and your organization) can celebrate

Today, an improving, flourishing workplace culture means RightNow Media is achieving:

  • Greater focus. “Having a healthier culture means we can freely focus on what we’re passionate about, saying ‘yes’ to work that matters and ‘no thanks’ to the prospective partnerships that don’t.”
  • “The result means we experience a deeper sense of mission.
  • “Building a better culture is a team thing. I feel less pressure to have all the answers,” says Brian. “Sometimes the biggest encouragement in building a better culture is to take steps in the right direction. "Your people don't need to have all the answers, at first. They just need to feel listened to and cared for as you move forward together."

[shareable cite="Brian Mosley"]Your people don't need to have all the answers at first. They just need to feel listened to and cared for as you move forward together."[/shareable]

It's Your Turn

What bullet point(s) do you resonate with the most? Which colleague might benefit the most from this?

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