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3 Questions You Should Ask About Healthy Workplace Culture

3 Questions You Should Ask About Healthy Workplace Culture



This headline news for 2019 can be the story for your organization in 2020! It takes the courage to ask these three questions:


Cary Cary Humphries, BCWI Regional Director

1. Can a workplace culture be successful when there’s no way to go but up?

Yes! Among the year’s best stories of transformed workplace cultures is this one from BCWI Regional Director Cary Humphries: “Even before Craig Springer became President of Alpha USA; he knew the workplace culture needed to improve. As the new, incoming leader, he knew he couldn’t rely on guesswork. He needed solid data that could tell him the real keys to increased employee engagement. Our staff engagement survey revealed:

  • Mission alignment, staff confidence in the Alpha Course
  • Job security, trust, and supervisory excellence meant Alpha was in the bottom 20% of all parachurch organizations surveyed.

Result: “Intentional coaching through listening (video focus groups) led Craig and his team to address problem issues that propelled their culture’s health to near-healthy in just one year.

Lesson: “Alpha USA chose to be persistent to lean in and give their staff a voice by listening to them, acting on their feedback, and it’s paid off huge, positive results for their culture.”


Giselle Giselle Jenkins, BCWI Culture Consulting Director

2. Can a trusted number two guy (gifted and willing to come alongside the top leader) help turn your culture around?

Yes! Marvin Williams, Senior Pastor at Trinity Church in Lansing, Michigan reveals how his executive pastor from a career in the corporate world became what he calls a “special culture builder.”

Result: BCWI Culture Consulting Director Giselle Jenkins. who worked closely with Trinity, says, “Three years ago, the culture was not healthy. Today, they’re healthy because Jack, like Pastor Marvin, exemplified four leadership traits:

  • Humility—looking at the critical realities and being willing to ask for help
  • Trust—in outside professionals to take 360 reviews and change accordingly
  • Listening—to counsel to take specific steps toward improvement
  • Action—initially and continually, creating healthy, ongoing rhythms of work”

Lesson: “A dedicated number two guy collaborating with a senior pastor, can lead a church workplace culture out of a toxic swamp to new, healthy ground that positively impacts their congregation." Hear the inspiring story.

[shareable cite="Al Lopus"]Can a workplace culture be successful when there’s no way to go but up?”[/shareable]

3. Can a small company with limited resources pull off a workplace culture victory?

Yes! I’m thinking of a metal fabricator in the Southwest U.S. that, culture-wise, was hurting. Their leaders chose to pay attention to the unedited feedback of their employees, nearly all of which participated in a much-anticipated staff engagement survey.

Upshot: While they know their culture comeback will take time, the company is on the road to success. Reason? By being involved with the C12 Group, their commitment to workplace health echoes C12’s values:

Results matter.

God measures results.

And so should we.

Take these words to heart and you’re sure to increase the likelihood of your organization to work smarter, better, and more effectively in 2020.

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