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328: How to Build a Thriving Business and Increase Revenue Through Culture

328: How to Build a Thriving Business and Increase Revenue Through Culture

Does having healthy workplace culture impact the bottom line? Absolutely! Our guests on this episode are Brad Carr, President & Founder, and Jordan Newton, COO of SonicAire. They're here to tell you that going from unhealthy culture to healthy culture can be described as the difference between Hell and Heaven.

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In this episode:

  • How Brad and Jordan's strengths complement each other as they lead their staff team (02:55)
  • The concept of visionary and integrator was not even in Brad's vocabulary until SonicAire went through implementing EOS (03:11)
  • "But I would say in terms of our relationship, I would say it's more like a dance than a walk in the park, and we've really had to learn how to do it." -Brad (04:17)
  • How they hire and train to get leaders who are open, honest, and humble. (06:22)
  • "I'd say overall hiring character before talent is really what changed. We do this by assessing a person's character being in alignment with our core values." -Brad (07:17)
  • SonicAire's core values: humble, hungry, people smart, and grateful (07:24)
  • Maintain core values by emphasizing them in quarterly corporate state-of-the-business meetings and in a quarterly conversation with each of employee (07:51)
  • "But I can tell you, as far as top leadership is concerned, we've gone from hell to heaven." -Brad (10:02)
  • How to go about goal setting in your organization (15:08)
  • Break down your BHAG—big, hairy, audacious goal—into quarterly rocks, 90 days (15:28)
  • "When you can create a workplace where people want to be at and they understand the mission, it's kind of magical."-Jordan (18:51)
  • "When you take care of employees, they’re a lot more likely to take care of the customers."-Jordan (23:17)
  • Has there been an impact on SonicAire's financial health as its workplace culture has improved? (24:30)
  • Last year SonicAire's sales and profits grew by a little over 80% (24:45)


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