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352: Building a Spiritually Healthy Culture and Developing Organizational Strategy

352: Building a Spiritually Healthy Culture and Developing Organizational Strategy

Do you have a vision to see your organization making a greater impact? Kevin Enders, President of 4KIDS, knows about building healthy, thriving workplace culture. Kevin talks about how he has prepared the soil to create an intentionally flourishing culture, facilitating the expansion of their mission. 


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In this episode:

  • Even when you lead a team that's flourishing you need to free them up to take risks in a healthy way (03:38)
  • 4 KIDS has reached its 25th year in ministry impacting over 30,000 children's lives. (04:57)
  • With 80-plus percent of your employees engaged, how do you continue to build and not become complacent? (07:16)
  • "BCWI has helped out tremendously for us to be able to take the Survey and look at the things that are working, and how do we continue to really do those things that are working? And how do we look at those areas where there's continuous improvement and focus on those as a staff? But we've always really just been so committed to culture. Again, we're a ministry; we're not a foster-care agency that hires Christians. We're an extension of God's church that has been placed in this area. And so culture for us is very important." (07:41)
  • 4Kids has a strong emphasis on a spiritual foundation. (10:32)
  • Some of the ways that teams at 4Kids engage in a healthy conflict or even disagreement (13:24)
  • Is there a connection between having an emotionally healthy staff who can handle conflict in a positive way and their ability, then, to serve the families and children of 4 KIDS? (15:21)
  • Do you see some differences in problem solving and conflict resolution that you've experienced in the marketplace versus in a Christian ministry? (19:26)
  • 4 KIDS has a strong commitment to thinking ahead, strategic planning, and its people embraced the process of growing together in strategy and vision. (21:30)
  • Casting a new three-year strategic plan and getting your team to be vested and take ownership (21:52)


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