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355: Shaping Souls: Building Christian Character in Your Team

355: Shaping Souls: Building Christian Character in Your Team

Are you wondering how to develop the Christian character of your staff? It's by modeling Christian character in your leadership. Listen to our guests, Peter Greer, CEO and Jesse Casler, COO of HOPE International to learn how you can lead from a strong foundation of biblical values. 


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In this episode:

  • In HOPE International's recruitment process, they're looking for the technical skills, but more than that they're looking for individuals that believe passionately in the mission and are individuals of character and competence (04:53)
  • The culture that's being demonstrated by the local manager is going to influence the organization's culture significantly (06:37)
  • How to structure your teams, your work groups, into practicing shared values and holding each other accountable with those shared values (08:51)
  • The importance of getting pacing right and making sure that your staff is flourishing as  you pursue your organization's goals (10:42)
  • 15Five has been really helpful as a performance management system (12:17)
  • Accountability also looks like, "How can I support you?" (15:08)
  • Knowing who you are as an organization is a competitive advantage (17:38)
  • Hire for attitude and values over skills (22:08)
  • How HOPE invests in the spiritual development of its staff—practical ways to do this (26:17)
  • HOPE has a spiritual-integration department (26:53)
  • Set rhythms to deepen your faith: regular devotional times every week, prayer times several times a week, collectively (28:29)
  • Utilizing a monthly faith-and-practice theme—send out an email each month with resources and things one can go through along that theme (28:51)
  • If you've got alignment in mission and you've got trust, you've got the building blocks of a great partnership (32:53)
  • "We are huge advocates of BCW. And the way that you have equipped us to listen well to the global team and make meaningful change, I would say a lot of the things that we've been able to do to improve the workforce, to improve the culture, are directly related to our ability to listen well to the global team. And BCW is the tool that we've used." -Peter (37:27)

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