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S8E01: 7 Workplace Trends for 2023

Al Lopus Jay Bransford Seven Workplace Trends for 2023

Listen in as Al Lopus, Cofounder & Board Chair, and Jay Branford President & CEO of Best Christian Workplaces highlight workplace trends that they're anticipating for Christian-led workplaces in 2023.

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In this episode:

  • The panic surrounding hybrid and remote work is subsiding (01:22)
  • The Great Resignation and hiring surge appears to be slowing down (01:31)
  • Concerns about interest rates, inflation, and possible recession are front and center (01:42) 
  • Opportunities for jobseekers might be harder to come by as the economy slows (01:44)
  • Talent acquisition is falling from the top priority as jobs are being filled. (01:51)
  • Wage inflation is putting a new focus on compensation programs and is important to retaining top performers (01:57)
  • And sadly, the decline of our Christian culture reflected in church attendance has dramatically declined, especially among millennials. (02:04)
  • Announcement of BCW brand refresh (03:22)
  • 1) Rebuilding the employee experience and culture will be job one (04:34)
  • 2) Refining Hybrid Work (08:38)
  • 3) Refocusing on Retention & Employee Engagement (13:10)
  • 4) Reconnecting Employee and Manager Relationships (17:03)
  • 5) Revamping Compensation Programs and Career Paths (23:36)
  • 6) Remaking the Workforce with Contingent Workers (30:25)
  • 7) Reconstruct Your Learning Culture for the Hybrid World (34:22)


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