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373: 3 Essential Catalysts for Sustainable Ministry Growth

373: 3 Essential Catalysts for Sustainable Ministry Growth

In this episode, Dave Riner, CEO of Student Mobilization, and Stacey Howard, the H.R. director, delve deep into the pivotal role of onboarding in aligning individuals with their organization's mission, vision, and values.


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In this episode:

    • Discussion on College Students:

      • Current challenges: Shifting culture away from biblical truth, increased anxiety, and depression. (04:37)
      • Students today lack biblical knowledge and church exposure. (04:53)
      • StuMo's approach: Meet students, especially non-believers, through events and interactions to share Jesus. (06:27)
    • Employee Engagement at StuMo:

      • Growth was noted in serving more campuses and states. (07:40)
      • High engagement scores, with over 90% engaged. (08:02)
      • New staff training, particularly emphasizing mission, vision, and values. (08:55)
      • Stacey's H.R. perspective: Focus on ensuring staff understands StuMo's core principles and supporting their transition into administrative roles. (10:23)
    • Communication Challenges in Regional Structures

      • Emphasis on the importance of effective communication as one of the eight key drivers. (11:53)
      • Benefits of maintaining a unified corporate structure include administrative efficiency, cross-pollination of ideas, and fostering innovation. (12:36)
    • Employee Development and Growth

      • Stacey emphasizes the importance of selecting campus directors with a natural inclination towards mentoring and leadership. (15:17)
      • Stacey explains the organic process of evaluating staff members for leadership qualities, focusing on their ability to mentor and invest in others. (15:26)
      • The role of the Best Christian Workplace Survey in providing feedback and insights for organizational improvement. (15:34)
      • The three-year-interview process for observing potential staff as students to gauge their suitability for future leadership roles. (16:08)
      • Dave praises the Best Christian Workplace Survey for its objectivity and benchmarking capabilities, facilitating organizational development. (19:36)

    • Fundraising and Employee Engagement

      • The importance of hiring resilient individuals capable of presenting a compelling vision and navigating rejection. (22:05)
      • Stacey underscores the significance of transparent communication about salary and benefits to motivate staff and clarify fundraising objectives. (23:28)
    • Dave's Insights on Flourishing Culture and Growth:

      • Dave emphasizes two aspects of growth: retaining existing members and attracting new ones. (24:24)
      • He stresses the importance of an authentic and genuinely positive work culture, especially for young individuals who can discern authenticity. (25:11)
      • Dave mentions the organization's occasional misunderstandings and conflicts, but these are addressed constructively through tools like surveys. (25:29)


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