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381: Leading Across Borders: How to Manage a Global Workplace Culture

381: Leading Across Borders: How to Manage a Global Workplace Culture

Tune in as George Greene IV, the president and CEO of Water Mission, shares insights on the vital role of clean water in society, his journey from employee feedback to healthy workplace culture, and strategies for nurturing a positive culture across diverse teams. 


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In this episode:

Water Mission's Mission and Importance of Clean Water:

  • George Greene IV emphasizes the foundational importance of clean water and sanitation for communities worldwide. (05:05)
  • He highlights the direct and indirect impacts of access to safe water on health, education, productivity, and overall well-being. (06:06)
  • The conversation underscores the vital role of clean water as a fundamental building block of society and the significant difference Water Mission makes in communities globally. (07:05)

Implementing Employee Engagement Survey:

  • George shares Water Mission's journey with the Best Christian Workplaces Employee Engagement Survey. (10:10)
  • Initially facing challenges and recognizing the need for improvement, they embraced the survey's insights as a catalyst for positive change. (10:45)
  • Over the years, they focused on addressing issues, making practical changes, and continuously striving for a healthier organizational culture. (11:45)

Building a Healthy Workplace Culture:

  • Water Mission emphasizes creating a healthy workplace culture aligned with its mission. (13:18)
  • They incorporate daily huddles, prayer, and shared devotionals to foster community and align staff with the organization's vision. (16:17)
  • George emphasizes the importance of integrating these practices across their international teams and the challenges and successes encountered in this endeavor. (21:09)

Global Outreach and Engineering Mission:

  • Water Mission describes itself as a Christian engineering charity, emphasizing its commitment to providing engineering-based solutions to water and sanitation challenges. (24:13)
  • George highlights the significance of their engineering approach in ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of their projects. (26:54)
  • They discuss the integration of this approach into their international work and the challenges of maintaining consistency and quality across diverse cultures and contexts. (27:04)

Recruitment and Leadership Attributes:

  • George emphasizes the importance of character when hiring field leaders, considering it an untrainable quality that individuals bring to the table. (32:14)
  • He employs a visual analogy of the iceberg, where skills represent the visible 10%, while character comprises the submerged 90%, highlighting the paramount importance of character in leadership. (32:37)
  • Additionally, faith alignment is a crucial aspect of their recruitment process, ensuring alignment with the organization's Christian values. (33:28)

Collaboration with Other Organizations:

  • Water Mission actively seeks collaboration with partners, especially corporations providing essential products for water projects, aiming to secure cost-effective access to these resources. (34:50)
  • While collaboration with nonprofits presents challenges due to resource constraints and competing priorities, the benefits of partnerships in disaster relief and development projects are significant. (35:58)

Maintaining Hope and Staff Encouragement:

  • Amidst daunting challenges, George emphasizes the importance of maintaining hope, grounded in an eternal perspective, which guides Water Mission's efforts to make the world a better place. (39:27)
  • To support staff, there is a focus on fostering faith and fellowship within the team, recognizing the need for encouragement and mutual support in facing difficulties. (39:58)
  • Lifeshape's program underscores the importance of encouraging every individual, reflecting a commitment to uplifting one another within the organization. (40:55)

Concluding Remarks and Words of Wisdom:

  • George's closing words offer wisdom on integrity, urging individuals to do the right thing even when unobserved, embodying principles of honesty and accountability. (45:03)


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