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S5E21: Faith Over Fear: Leading Your Organization Through Challenges

S5E21: Faith Over Fear: Leading Your Organization Through Challenges

Could you use some encouragement and practical ideas to improve your workplace culture, given the recent challenges we face? Barry Slauenwhite, Canadian Director at Best Christian Workplace, leads a tremendous discussion with CEO & President, Paul Richardson and Marketing Director, Andrew Dorricott, from Bible League Canada, who offer practical tips that you can implement today!

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In this episode:

  • The value of touching base daily with your team in a pandemic crisis (03:38)
  • Choose and communicate faith over fear (04:02)
  • How did BLC improve engagement and reduce turnover from seventeen percent to zero? (05:47)
  • How the current COVID-19 crisis proves the value of a healthy culture (07:50)
  • Benefits of having a culture champion (13:17)
  • How to develop and communicate your strategy (19:44)
  • "Trust is built through communication in an organization" (27:07)
  • As leaders, we must be focused on caring for the ministry (32:30)
  • What advice do you have for other ministry leaders in Canada and around the world as they are planning for re-entering or re-opening the workplace??( 31:58)
  • Where would you place the importance of workplace culture on the list?? (31:59)
  • We can't choose if we think about the future as leaders, we only get to choose what version we chase (34:43)



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