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Encore Episode: Vision, Values and Building a Great Work Culture

Today we discover the DNA of the tremendous and sustainable growth of Life.Church. Jerry Hurley is Pastor and Team Development Leader at Life.Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. Since its founding in 1996, Life.Church has grown to encompass 34 locations in multiple states, welcoming thousands of people into a new relationship with Jesus Christ. Listen in as Jerry shares the keys to create their healthy, even flourishing culture.

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In this episode:

  • Vision leaks; culture drifts
  • How to guide and lead the culture in your organization
  • Culture is happening in your organization whether you are being intentional or not
  • Culture is either getting more clear, stronger or it's getting weaker and it's deteriorating
  • The importance of core values, aligning values, behavioral values
  • Healthy church starts with efficiency
  • To have a healthy vibrant growing campus, you have to healthy vibrant growing teams
  • How to maintain a healthy culture across multiple locations
  • How do team members from different generations work together?
  • Do leaders have to be loyal?
  • How to deal with turnover and retention?
  • Building a great culture is not complicated but it takes intentionality, hard work and resolve to actually do it well


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