What is the antidote to what many are calling the great resignation? Simply put, it's a healthy and flourishing workplace culture where employees are emotionally connected to their jobs and organizations. Giselle Jenkins, Director for Consulting Services at Best Christian Workplaces, discusses BCW's eight key factors that boost employee engagement. 

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In this episode:

  • Transformational stories on what key actions you’ve seen leaders take that drove changes in culture
  • The first driver of healthy, flourishing workplace is Fantastic Teams.  At BCW, Fantastic Teams exemplify a spirit of partnership and collaboration. 
  • Knowing the goals, depending on each other for excellence, and keeping the goals in constant sight makes fantastic teams.
  • The second driver of a flourishing culture. Life-Giving Work is work that is full of meaning and has significance or purpose that is life giving.
  • Outstanding Talent is the third driver of flourishing workplace
  • Organizational success is highly affected by the fit, experience, and giftings of the people it attracts, retains, rewards, and ultimately promotes into key technical and leadership roles.
  • The fourth driver is Uplifting Growth. Uplifting Growth improves the performance of individuals, groups, and the organization overall so they can meet the challenges of a changing world.
  • Rewarding Compensation is the fifth driver. Rewarding Compensation programs provide tangible resourcesincluding benefits such as medical, retirement, and paid time off, in addition to their paycheck. 
  • The sixth driver of flourishing Workplace is Inspirational Leadership. Inspirational Leadership, which is highly comprised of character facets, is routinely a topif not the top predictor of employee engagement across industries and organizations surveyed by BCW.
  • The seventh driver of flourishing Workplace which is Sustainable Strategy. Sustainable Strategy entails the plan determined to achieve the organization’s vision and to provide a solution to meet the need the organization has set out to remedy.
  • The eighth and final driver of a flourishing Workplace is Healthy Communication When communication is healthy, it is the purposeful exchange of information. 


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