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Best Christian Workplaces Accredited by National Financial Accountability Organization

Best Christian Workplaces Accredited by National Financial Accountability Organization

Best Christian Workplaces equips and inspires Christian leaders to create engaged, flourishing workplaces.

To demonstrate our values, including excellence and trustworthiness, Best Christian Workplaces sought the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) accreditation. Just as Best Christian Workplaces equips Christian leaders for flourishing workplaces, ECFA equips Christian organizations to operate with integrity.

Jay Bransford, President and CEO of Best Christian Workplaces, highlights the importance of the ECFA accreditation:

“Best Christian Workplaces is thrilled to be accredited by ECFA. Best Christian Workplaces believes that Christian-led organizations should set the standard as the best, most effective places to work in the world. This includes being honest, transparent, and fully accountable in our financial practices, revolving around how we generate and utilize revenues in order to maximize Kingdom impact.

“We are thankful to the ECFA for establishing and applying standards of responsible financial stewardship that enhance trust in Christ-centered organizations. I’m proud of the Best Christian Workplaces’s team who have worked so well together to ensure that we fulfill each of the ECFA requirements for accreditation.”

In order to be accredited by ECFA, Best Christian Workplaces had to show compliance with the Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™. These standards, which are drawn from Scripture, are the foundation of operating with integrity. ECFA's standards focus on independent board governance, sound financial management, and responsible stewardship and fundraising.

The standards set a high bar for organizations—often far above the minimums required by law. Each ECFA member must annually engage an independent CPA to audit, review, or compile its financial statements and be willing to provide a copy of its latest financial statements to anyone upon written request. By being accredited by ECFA, Best Christian Workplaces demonstrates its willingness to follow the model of biblical accountability.

Michael Martin, president of ECFA says, “We are pleased to accredit a ministry committed to equip and inspire Christian leaders to create an engaged, flourishing workplace.”

As Best Christian Workplaces grows to equip more Christian-led organizations in the coming years, this accreditation provides confidence for individual donors and granting foundations who support our expansion to create more engaged, flourishing workplaces, for greater Kingdom impact.

Learn more about how Best Christian Workplaces can help your organization flourish, or donate to expand our reach so that more Christian-led organizations can flourish.

“We have regard for what is honorable, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of other people.” (2 Corinthians 8:21, NASB)