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329: How Leaders Can Stay Faithful to their Mission and Finish Strong

329: How Leaders Can Stay Faithful to their Mission and Finish Strong

Steve Woodworth believes that Christian leaders can stay faithful in their mission and finish strong. Steve is the CEO at Masterworks and he's personally worked with many of the top leaders in Christian organizations over the past 30 years. Discover several keys that will help you finish strong.

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In this episode:

  • Steve wrote a booklet entitled, How Can Ministry Leaders Stay Faithful to Their Mission? (03:42)
  • "Two-thirds of Christian leaders did not finish well, according to Bobby Clinton." (05:33)
  • A common issue for leaders that don't finish well is that they don't pass on the vision and mission to the next generation of leaders. (06:27)
  • A leader who's really successful in ministry has what he calls the fire of God. (06:57)
  • "So you’re very aware that God is using you. And when this happens, it attracts followers who are attracted to the success, and the leader begins to feel responsible for success more than for stewarding the fire of God." ((07:25)
  • With success from what you've done is a strong temptation to arrogance and lack of accountability. (08:13)
  • Humility is the fundamental key (10:15)
  • Two lies that some leaders believe: I deserve this or I don't deserve this (11:30)
  • Accountability is absolutely key (12:19)
  • Some of the practices or guardrails that can help a leader from heading down this spiral toward failure (14:19)
  • Having a love relationship with God (14:45)
  • Classical spiritual disciplines: praying, talking about what your learning in the Bible (15:41)
  • Some of the qualities of these faithful leaders and they exhibit over the long haul (25:21)
  • "Those that feel like they're God's gift to the Christian-ministry world are people who often flame out, and people don't really want to follow them." (26:10)


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