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346: How to Position Your Organization for Exponential Growth and Multiply Leaders

346: How to Position Your Organization for Exponential Growth and Multiply Leaders

What's the status of your organization's leadership pipeline? With highly, skilled leaders, your organization could perform at a better level. Dave Ferguson is here to tell you how important it is for inspirational leaders to multiply leaders. Dave Ferguson is the lead pastor and co-founder of Community Christian Church, a thriving multi-site community in the Chicago area, and president of the Exponential Conference. 


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In this episode:

  • We are going to talk about the multiplication of leaders, growing leaders who grow leaders, but let's start with a little bit about you – Dave – and your own leadership. I looked back at when we had you on our podcast a few years ago, and as we wrapped up, you left us with this phrase: “as a leader – you reproduce who you are.” So, let’s start by talking about self-leadership. How do you keep yourself growing and rooted as a person and a leader? (04:00)
  • "The most important form of leadership is self-leadership" (04:21)
  • "Leaders are culture creators." (04:32)
  • The RPMS: Relational Physical Mental Spiritual (05:45)
  • Stop, pause, and reflect (08:16)
  • I know that you value having a healthy workplace culture at Community Christian Church. What do you see as the connection between developing leaders and having a healthy workplace culture? (09:59)
  • "When you begin to see yourself as a hero maker, in your own leadership development of others, that's what creates a healthy culture." (10:20)
  • When you are looking at qualities in leaders – is there a difference in those who are able to lead in terms of addition – one at a time growth - versus those who have the potential to multiply? What qualities are unique to those who are able to multiply their leadership? (11:56)
  • A paradigm shift: "How can I grow my church?" That kind of thinking is good, it's just not great (12:29)
  • "How can we multiply God's kingdom not just my church?" (13:03 )
  • Let’s talk about training leaders – the different ways to help leaders grow. What are some important pathways or training types to consider as we invest in training for multiplying leadership? (18:34)
  • It comes back to relationships (19:00)
  • Seventy-five percent of your time should be hanging out with folks (20:00)
  • "Invest yourself relationally at the smallest organizing principle and invest yourself relationally in the largest organizing group and then let your staff and team do everything else in between." (22:39)
  • You’ve been doing leadership development for several decades – do you see some generational shifts in how to develop multiplying leaders? As you connect with emerging leaders in their 20s and 30s – are there some new paradigms for leadership development? (25:31)
  • People are still people: they want to be loved, they want to have belonging, and they still need a purpose (26:05)
  • They are less patient for opportunities to become leaders (26:22)
  • They are more collaborative (27:03)
  • There is a much higher value for diversity (27:12)
  • It should go without saying that when we are talking about leadership development and multiplication of leaders within a church context, the spiritual component is essential. But sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between leadership development in the marketplace from the church. Share with us the importance of the empowering of the Holy Spirit as we develop multiplying leaders. I noticed this is the theme of the Exponential conference this year. (28:23)
  • The key difference is motivation. The motivation in Christian leadership is always about the mission and the Lordship of Jesus. (29:30)
  • Another difference is where you get your direction, where you get your guidance (30:13)
  • Your work through NewThing is focused globally. When you consider global church movements and multiplying leaders in other cultures – are there some differences in the skills and tools that are important? (30:18)
  • There is a different level of resiliency (32:35)
  • Discipleship: actually how do you disciple the everyday person in following Jesus? (35:06)


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Buy Dave's book: Hero Maker: Five Essential Practices for Leaders to Hero Maker: Hero Maker: Multiply Leaders (Exponential Series)

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