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337: 3 Keys to Become a Learning Leader

337: 3 Keys to Become a Learning Leader

Do you feel like your personal growth is in a frozen state? This episode features leadership expert Tami Heim, the CEO of the Christian Leadership Alliance. She highlights the importance of learning leaders for the benefit not only of the leader but also their organization.

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In this episode:

  • Saul in the Bible, did not succeed in what he was called to do, because of his insecurities (05:21)
  • Often our insecurities come from this tension that we have between fear and pride (05:37)
  • At the Outcomes Conference, Roger Parrott did a brilliant job of just talking about the uncertainty of time and kind of deconstructing the idea that we have to be married to a strategic plan, but we need to be married to a solid plan that allows God to lead and guide us. (07:15)
  • Three things that are very evident in a learning leader: (09:44)
    • When they encounter those really difficult places, their first response is that they need to surrender that and understand that God is in control.
    • They desire to explore and understand what's happening. So they're trying to seek God and make sense of it. 
    • Then as they do that, they embrace the uncertainty of what's ahead and that they know that God will guide them and will continue to show them.
  • Leaders have this tendency to resist or fly away from change and uncertainty, and it just crushes them. But when you learn to embrace it and get behind it and ride it, it's so much easier because the resistance isn't there (11:45)
  • "So for many years I've always asked the question, Lord, what is it about my leadership that has contributed to the situation or the outcomes I'm experiencing right now?" (13:27)
  • How can a board encourage the CEO and leadership team to be continuous learners?(17:51)
  • It's so important that boards remember that they have this duty of obedience and loyalty and care, and that their first obligation is to the mission of the organization. And then, the second most important thing they do is the hiring of the CEO, and the care and feeding of the CEO after that hire has been made (18:24)
  • What makes for a great mentoring relationship (22:04)
  • Learning leaders in 2024 and beyond (31:03)
  • "Our vision is we have 47 years of biblically based, timeless understanding about leadership and leadership development. And we're looking for ways to take those ideas and package them, and then send them on a digital bridge so that they can reach a next generation of leader, that they might be able to open up that cargo and experience that foundation that they can now innovate and think differently in a way that's right for what God's called them to in the season that they're in." (31:31)
  • Tami is reading I'm reading The Ways of the Leader: Four Practices to Bring People Together and Break New Ground. (35:56)
  • She went and saw Jesus Revolution the movie (36:49)
  • How Tami has stayed engaged in the ministry in Haiti, and how people can be praying for that ministry and even for the country (40:18)


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