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383: The Role of Praying Leaders in Unlocking Miraculous Outcomes

383: The Role of Praying Leaders in Unlocking Miraculous Outcomes

Join Peter Greer, the president and CEO of HOPE International, as he navigates through the qualities of a praying leader and unravels the strategies to cultivate a culture of prayer within our organizations.


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In this episode:

  • Introduction of Peter Greer: Al Lopus introduces Peter Greer, the president of HOPE International, a flourishing certified best Christian workplace, and a prolific writer. Peter's recent book, "Lead with Prayer: The Spiritual Habits of World-Changing Leaders," explores the transformative power of prayer in leadership and organizational culture. (2:40)

  • Inspiring Story of Christine Baingana: Peter shares an inspiring story about Christine Baingana, a leader in Rwanda who experienced significant challenges in her microfinance bank. Through prayer, Christine and her team experienced a dramatic turnaround, showcasing the power of prayer in leadership and organizational success. (03:59)

  • Gap Between Talk and Action on Prayer: Research highlighted by Peter reveals a gap between what leaders say about prayer and what they actually practice. He emphasizes the importance of prioritizing prayer and integrating it into daily life and organizational culture. (09:02)

  • Importance of Time for Prayer: Despite busy schedules, leaders prioritize prayer by scheduling fixed times for individual and corporate prayer. Examples from organizations like International Justice Mission demonstrate the impact of intentional prayer practices on organizational effectiveness. (14:22)

  • Exploring Prayer Practices: Peter encourages listeners to experiment with various prayer practices, such as praying on one's knees or creating a rule of life for prayer. He shares personal experiences of how diverse prayer practices have deepened his own prayer life and spiritual journey. (18:19)

  • Introduction to Rule of Life: Al encourages listeners to consider adopting a rule of life and emphasizes the importance of prayer in daily routines, both individually and organizationally. (23:18)

  • Impact of Prayer on Workplace Culture: Al discusses the significance of prayer in fostering a flourishing workplace culture, highlighting the role of leaders in demonstrating Christian character and humility through prayer. (23:52)

  • Multiplying Prayer in Organizations: Peter shares insights on creating a culture of prayer within organizations, drawing from his experiences and observations at HOPE International and International Justice Mission (IJM). He emphasizes the need for leaders to first practice prayer before fostering a prayer culture in their organizations. (24:50)

  • Practical Steps for Cultivating Prayer: Peter discusses practical steps such as individual prayer practices, corporate prayer gatherings, and engagement with supporters in prayer. HOPE International's implementation of quarterly prayer days is highlighted as an example. (25:34)

  • Personal Journey with Prayer: Peter reflects on his own journey with prayer, acknowledging past shortcomings in prioritizing prayer and the transformative impact of integrating prayer into his leadership approach. (28:36)

  • Learning from the Global Church: Peter underscores the importance of learning from the global church's emphasis on prayer, citing examples from his experiences in the Philippines and insights gained from global leaders. (31:20)

  • Closing the Gap in Prayer Practice: Al emphasizes the need for Christian ministry leaders to bridge the gap between espoused beliefs about prayer and actual prayer practices, advocating for a calendar structured around prayer and a culture of prayer within organizations. (34:00)

  • Practical Resources for Prayer: Peter shares resources available at leadwithprayer.com, including prayer cards and an app, to facilitate individuals and organizations in developing their prayer lives. (35:40)

  • Encouragement to Start the Prayer Journey: Both Al and Peter encourage listeners to adopt a posture of learning and to embark on a journey of prayer, emphasizing the transformative impact prayer can have on personal and organizational life. (36:18)


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