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359: Biblical Business: Navigating Profit and Purpose in Modern Society

359: Biblical Business: Navigating Profit and Purpose in Modern Society

Do you ever ponder the role of business and profit in our society through the lens of Christianity? Jeff Van Duzer, the author of Why Business Matters to God (And What Still Needs to Be Fixed), delves into the connection between theology and business. He discusses how having a clear understanding of our purpose and calling can positively impact the world.


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In this episode:

  • What distinguishes a Christian business school from other business schools? (05:10)
  • Relating the concept of business of work to the story of creation (07:43)
  • "God created human beings in His image, which means that God created human beings in part to engage in work and work like God engaged in meaningful and creative work. That work grows out of relationship. It's subordinate to relationship and is intended to give back to relationship." (08:40)
  • The role of Christians in business as we participate in God's redemptive work in the world (11:55)
  • The purpose of business and the role it serves in human flourishing (15:56)
  • "Employees will flourish when given meaningful and creative work to do because that's the way they were designed." (16:31)
  • "Profit is like blood in your body." (19:39)
  • How Christian leaders can encourage the development of Christian character in the workplace (27:05)
  • Pray for your employees and make sure you're providing opportunities for meaningful work (28:22)
  • Leadership is more effective in developing Christian character if it's vulnerable (29:01)
  • How Christian business leaders should interact with culture and find their way forward even when there might be conflict with society's underlying values (32:01)
  • Some of the practical ways that Christian business leaders can continue to stay engaged and relevant in the future (35:50)


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