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360: Inspiring Employee Growth: Keys to Employee Engagement and a Thriving Business

360: Inspiring Employee Growth: Keys to Employee Engagement and a Thriving Business


Do your employees live out your values throughout your business? Listen to Robb Wilson, the third-generation leader of the family business Wilson Lumber, as he highlights how a growing and thriving business can provide a healthy workplace where employees are engaged and inspired to grow.


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In this episode:

  • History of Rob's grandfather and his grandfather's brother-in-law starting Wilson Lumber (04:13)
  • Rob's approach, which is, taking culture very seriously and doing his best to define what that should look like and then work toward that (05:22)
  • How to engage your senior team members and managers throughout the organization to understand the results of your Employee Engagement Survey (06:56)
  • When the leaders are passionate about employee engagement and define success, the managers will be engaged in the process as well (08:49)
  • Practical steps leaders can take to build trust (10:00)
  • Providing training using DiSC profiles, EOS, and the 5 building blocks of a team (13:11)
  • Best Christian Workplaces Survey helps determine the additional areas of training or focus needed (13:36)
  • The recruitment and interview process to hire people who are a good fit for your culture and who have the skills to do the job (15:51)
  • Is there an impact on the financial health of Wilson Lumber as the workplace culture is improved? (30:19)
  • Wilson Lumber is seeing lower turnover and is making more money as a result of healthy workplace culture (30:41)
  • What has been Rob's experience with C12 and why be part of that network? (32:29)


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