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363: Feedback, Growth, and Engagement: Dow Smith's Journey to Building a High-Performance Workplace

363: Feedback, Growth, and Engagement: Dow Smith's Journey to Building a High-Performance Workplace

Discover how you can build a workplace culture where your revenues quadruple in five years, your employees flourish, and you have a very low turnover in a highly competitive labor market. Learn more from Dow Smith, founder and visionary of Dow Smith Contracting, a design-build firm that specializes in churches, healthcare, commercial construction, and other projects. 


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In this episode:

  • How doubling the number of employees at Dow Smith Contracting and building a flourishing workplace culture has impacted the revenue of the business (06:16)
  • In 2020, Dow Smith Contracting had 12 million in revenue, and in 2023, it expects to do about 40 million in revenue (06:25)
  • How to identify leadership qualities that set people apart to help them become part of flourishing workplace culture (08:03)
  • If you're going to use Entrepreneurial Operating System then go all in and do it. It’s from a book, Traction, written by Gino Wickman. (11:46)
  • Why Dow invested in Leadership 360 reviews to get feedback for those of his employees who are in key roles and the resulting benefits (14:34)
  • The benefit of the Leadership 360 providing an open, anonymous avenue for employees to give feedback to a top leader. The helpfulness of the data, the amazing affirmation received from the responses, and how the debrief was delivered with care convinced Dow that this was a great investment for his leadership team. (15:32)
  • In the first couple of years of his own Leadership 360, Dow learned that the area with the most room for growth is his conflict-resolution skills (20:22)
  • How to sustain a high level of engagement with your employees over time (22:41)
  • Be consistent with your core values (23:56)
  • Employees who utilize the director of well-being demonstrate sky-high productivity (31:00)
  • Taking care of your clients before tending to employee engagement will not work in 2023 and beyond (36:20)

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