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369: Christmas Changes Everything: A Journey of Transformation with Elisa Morgan

369: Christmas Changes Everything: A Journey of Transformation with Elisa Morgan

In this Christmas season, how can you gain fresh insight, even encouragement, from the Christmas Story? Listen in as Al talks with Elisa Morgan of Our Daily Bread Ministries about how you can keep growing as a disciple of Jesus, even if you've been celebrating Christmas for many decades.


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In this episode:

  • Elisa's Transition and Current Roles:
    • Wobbly Transition: Elisa's decision to step down from MOPS, the challenges of transitioning, and the call she sensed. (05:07)
    • Post-MOPS Activities: Elisa's diverse activities post-MOPS, including board involvement, speaking engagements, and joining Our Daily Bread Ministries. (05:32)
    • Learning in Transition: Elisa's realization about the role of leaders in the later stages of life, emphasizing blessing the next generation. (06:21)
    • Leaving a Healthy Workplace Culture: Al praises Elisa for leaving a healthy workplace culture at MOPS. (06:46)
  • Deepening the Christmas Celebration:
    • Christmas as an Advent of Change: Elisa reflects on the true essence of Christmas as an advent of metamorphosis, change, hope, restoration, and rejuvenation. (08:38)
  • Overview of Book "Christmas Changes Everything": Al introduces Elisa's book and its exploration of how Christmas changed various characters. (09:54)
  • Starting with Mary:
    • Elisa begins discussing the characters, starting with Mary. (10:40)
    • Mary's Journey and Acceptance: Elisa explores Mary's acceptance of God's invitation, saying yes, and the subsequent layers of yeses in her life. (11:45)
  • Simeon's Waiting and Joy:

    • Contrast with Simeon: Al contrasts Mary's story with Simeon's, emphasizing the difference in age and their roles. (15:14)
    • Simeon's Role and Waiting: Elisa discusses Simeon's role as a prophet, emphasizing the theme of waiting. (15:47)
    • Hope in Waiting: Elisa connects Simeon's waiting with the hope that comes from walking with the Holy Spirit. (16:27)
  • Herod's Role and Rejection:

    • Significance of Herod's Story: Elisa discusses the importance of understanding Herod's struggle for power in the Christmas Story. (19:43)
    • Herod's Refusal and Rejection: Elisa reflects on Herod's rejection of Christmas and the negative transformation in his character. (20:45)
    • Learn from Herod's Choices: Elisa emphasizes the word "learn" as the takeaway from Herod's story, encouraging listeners to learn from both positive and negative examples. (22:03)
  • Learning to Love Family Amid Brokenness:

    • Emphasizes the softening of the heart and the realization that one doesn't have to control everything. (24:42)
    • Elisa shares personal stories of family struggles and the lessons learned over the years. (24:52)
  • Celebrating Christmas in Brokenness:

    • Elisa addresses listeners who may be dreading Christmas due to personal struggles. (26:29)
    • Reminds listeners of the brokenness in the first Christmas and encourages them to embrace the simplicity and beauty of the season. (26:54)
    • Recommends using the Advent season to reflect on the stories of Christmas characters and the words associated with each. (27:34)


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