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Encore Episode: Important Advice on Managing Remote Employees

For many organizations having a majority of your employees work from home is a new challenge. The workplace environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, has challenged leaders to learn new ways of leading their virtual teams. Robert Bortins, Jr., CEO of Classical Conversations, shares his advice on managing a growing Christian company that has had 70 percent of their employees working from home remotely for years.


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In this episode:

  • The current pandemic intersecting with home-centered education (03:48)
  • Ministries and organizations adapting to managing a stay-at-home work staff (05:17)
  • First, make sure you're using the right tools (05:54)
  • Second, create a rhythm (05:56)
  • Third, to curb feelings of isolation, create a virtual community (06:03)
  • Tools like Zoom, Slack, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams (06:11)
  • Share what's going on each day, metrics and where you need help (06:43)
  • Advice for Managers: Give grace, set expectations, review best practices with video conferencing (09:30)
  • On a video conference, get verbal agreement from everybody (10:23)
  • Start your regular meeting with good news (11:27)
  • Build in some breaks (15:35)
  • Leadership lessons: get down in the dirt with your people, give them hope, articulate the plan, have their back (17:49)


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