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Encore Episode: A Great Recruiting Process to Find Great Talent

Peter Greer,President & CEO, of HOPE International shares why Outstanding Talent is a critical driver to help improve—and even transform—your workplace culture.  

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In this episode:

  • The importance of asking the question, "how can I help?"
  • Mission first mentality: Being excited about an organization's mission
  • In April 2012, HOPE International took the BCWI Survey and had a flourishing culture
  • How retirement plans affect employee engagement and developing a flourishing culture
  • Others can do the job equally better and equally good
  • The ultimate measure of our success is not what happens while we're there but what happens when we're not there
  • Getting over the myth of our own importance
  • Succession planning
  • The benefits of a great internship program
  • HR hiring practices are looking at a small number of things that cannot be trained: Attitude, Aptitude, Work ethic
  • What does a "stay" interview look like?
  • How to recruit and hire the best people
  • The 2, 2, 2, model of mentoring
  • Recruit well
  • Delegate and celebrate



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