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Encore Episode: How To Develop an Effective Compensation Program

Encore Episode: How To Develop an Effective Compensation Program

How should Christian-led organizations address compensation practices? Susan Griffith Byers, the founder of Church Compensation Services, based in Dallas, specializes in developing compensation programs utilizing the most relevant, reliable, and robust compensation data available for large and growing churches. Their publication is called the MegaChurch Compensation Report. Listen to learn more about providing tangible resources in return for the service your employees provide.


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In this episode:

  • Filling the gap in the availability of relevant compensation data for large and growing churches
  • Ensure compensation programs are fair, equitable, defensible and easy to administer and communicate
  • Compensation philosophy, survey, salary structure
  • A compensation philosophy is the foundation (or roadmap) of an effective compensation program. It should align with the church’s mission and vision and define the relevant targeted “market”.
  • Without a compensation philosophy, it’s difficult to identify and target a market that is relevant to your unique mission and vision. It’s like shooting in the dark.
  • Another critical component of a good compensation program is reliable and relevant survey data.
  • Define Your Competitive Labor Market. Believe it or not, not all church jobs can or should be compared exclusively to other church jobs.
  • A salary structure is the framework of a good compensation program, and it holds everything together. 



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