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S4E21: Four Best Practices for Developing a Rewarding Compensation Plan

S4E21: Four Best Practices for Developing a Rewarding Compensation Plan

Rewarding Compensation is all about providing tangible resources in return for the service an employee provides. How you actually do this can boost or diminish the health of your workplace culture. Giselle Jenkins, Director for Consulting Services at Best Christian Workplaces, shares practical strategies you and your teams can use to improve and strengthen your workplace culture.


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In this episode:

  • Why Rewarding Compensation is absolutely vital to the health of any workplace culture.
  • We do know from the data we collect that compensation is not a primary motivator in sustaining employee engagement, but getting the right balance is important.
  • Compensation may not be the reason an employee stays with your organization, but it may be a reason they choose to leave.
  • Four best practices for developing a Rewarding Compensation plan. 
  • First, you need to define your philosophy of compensation.
  • Second, you need to identify your compensation strategy.
  • The third essential is to benchmark salaries for each position.
  • Training managers to have effective conversations about compensation.



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