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S8E03: How to Gain Momentum Through a Culture of Trust

Michael Lindsay of Taylor University shares How to Gain Momentum Through a Culture of Trust

Do you feel you're spinning your wheels as a leader? Well, today this guest outlines proven approaches to creating a culture of trust that has made significant momentum in accomplishing the organization's key goals. Listen in as Dr. Michael Lindsay, President of Taylor University leverages hinge moments to move a team forward.

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In this episode:

  • Some of the leadership lessons that Michael learned at Gordon (02:01)
  • "One thing I learned is that I tend to overestimate what I can get done in a single year and underestimate what we can do in five" (02:38)
  • "I also learned the importance of hiring the right people" (02:52)
  • "I learned that in times of great challenge or crisis, the very best gift the leader can give is his or her presence" (03:25)
  • Some of the steps that Michael and his leadership team took to grow trust and strategy over the last couple of years (06:02)
  • Be honest and open in sharing your survey results with your organization (06:55)
  • Appoint somebody who's going to own the organizational-engagement process (10:00)
  • How to grow as a leader in the area of Healthy Communication (12:06)
  • Build a system of cascading communications with key topics to share with team members and direct reports (12:23)
  • We really have to overcommunicate to get the message across. (14:17)

  • Implemented a weekly Bible study led by the President (16:40)
  • Tangibly demonstrate appreciation (17:32)
  • Steward spiritual leadership on campus (18:35)
  • How to build bridges to develop consensus on priorities and goals (21:45)
  • Some of the ways that Taylor University plans to attract, develop, and retain, outstanding talent in the next few years? (27:21)
  • Increase the creative ways in which Taylor communicates, what makes working there so great (28:10)
  • Important factors that a leader needs to pay attention to in hinge moments as they move through transitions (30:20)
  • "I think that the current generation of young people are among the most entrepreneurial and innovative Christian leaders we have ever seen in the history of the church." (34:59)
  • "They are unlikely to stay planted in a single institution for their whole career." (35:34)


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