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Encore Episode: How to Live an Unhurried Life in your Work

Encore Episode: How to Live an Unhurried Life in your Work

We've all heard the expression, "My hair is on fire!" from hurried people that are running to-and-fro from one thing to another. Is this what God wants for our lives? Alan Fadling, Spiritual Formation and Leadership Coach at Unhurried Living, Inc., talks about practical steps leaders can take to live an unhurried life.

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In this episode:

  • What does an unhurried life look like in your real work life?
  • Practical actions steps for living an unhurried life in your work
  • Spiritual leadership: what leaders do matters immensely but who leaders are matters even more
  • What makes good work really good is values, priorities and cultural health
  • Even in business if we’re seeking profit first, we'll notice that's not the best. Focus on doing what you do well
  • Honor and put on displays of the character and the concerns of Christ
  • Work is not just about our activities but about our receptivity's also
  • Good leaders learn to listen
  • How to turn your work into prayer


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