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Encore Episode: Is Your Leadership Jesus Centered?

Would you like to be led more by Jesus, live and lead more like Jesus, and lead more to Jesus? Dr. Steve Brown, President of Arrow Leadership and author of a very timely, engaging book titledJesus Centered: Focusing on Jesus in a Distracted World. gives insights into renewing the sense of His presence, especially in your work. 


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In this episode:

  • The heartbeat of Arrow Leadership (02:08)
  • God polishing his leaders and preparing them for his purposes (02:25)
  • "Why waste a good crisis when you've got one." (05:01)
  • How can we serve leaders in this season? That meant creating resources, prayer, pulling people together, encouraging leaders (05:13)
  • There are so many distractions, our eyes are to be focused on Jesus (06:45)
  • One of our eight drivers for a flourishing culture is Uplifting Growth. Being intentional about developing your people and teams is critical to this driver. In the book, you talk about going to the 100th birthday party of one of your mentorsEvon. (08:07)
  • In your book, you go through the seven practices Evon lived out—which are very seven principles Jesus himself lived out. What are the first three of these principles? (09:44)
  • Love, Pray, and Model (09:57)
  • One big practical takeaway for leaders running through these first three principles? (13:47)
  • The remaining four principles Jesus lived out (14:24)
  • Perspective, Encourage, Teach, Empower (14:25)
  • One sentence that brings all seven principles together (19:29)
  • "You don't need a Ph.D. to do them." (19:33)
  • How can leaders, how can everyone, apply this Jesus Centered perspective to cultivating a flourishing organizational culture?  (20:09)
  • Safe, Strech and Stress (22:22)
  • "Being a Jesus Centered leader is not a book you read or a course you take, it's really a lifetime pursuit. It's an ongoing journey." (29:18)
  • "Leadership is often hard, it's often lonely and it's often tiring." (30:36)


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