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Encore Episode: Retaining Top Talent Starts with a Selective Hiring Process

Having a team filled with outstanding talent is a game-changer for any organization. The guests in this episode are culture leaders in a large church who have leveraged their culture to be relentlessly selective in creating a staff that is humble, hungry, and healthy. Kristen Miller, Culture & Development Director, and Emily Hoover, Talent Manager at Traders Point Christian Church, discuss their story of growth that can inspire churches everywhere. It is a story you need to hear!


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In this episode:

  • Moving to in-person and online church services (03:06)
  • Seeing growth in numbers of members during a pandemic (03:12)
  • Traders Point's survey results revealed 66% of their employees felt engaged at work. That's 20% higher than most churches their size (04:44)
  • Engaged employees mean happier, thriving, effective employees and teams (04:52)
  • The value of having a compelling mission (05:06)
  • How trust keeps employees engaged (06:37)
  • The benefits of work-life balance (07:24)
  • How Traders Point is attracting and retaining top talent (08:24)
  • Working with the hiring manager to clearly identify what they're looking for (09:17)
  • One of the biggest things I always take with me into the interview process is a quote from Craig Groeschel that says to be 'ruthlessly selective' (10:16)
  • One of the most important lessons Traders Point learned about working with top talent during this pandemic (13:53)
  • Hiring high-capacity, innovative leaders (14:08)
  • Every leader listening right now is looking for ways to bring hope, encouragement, and the light of Christ to their staff teams and individuals (17:28)
  • A favorite story inside this workplace culture that's been life-giving to the team, leadership, and to the congregation (17:41)
  • The effort to implement Cultural Intelligence or CQ (21:53)
  • The vision is to become a more multi-cultural church, to be welcoming to all people (22:01)
  • Continually improving in managing change (24:02)


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