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S7E39: How Grace at Work Brings Out the Best in People

S7E39: How Grace at Work Brings Out the Best in People

Are you looking for a tangible way to improve your workplace culture? In this episode, coauthors of Grace at Work, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Founder of Grace Based Families; and Michael Tooker, former business Executive and now Pastor, give you actionable concepts that will impact your life and workplace.


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In this episode:

  • How God's grace translates over into our day-to-day life (08:40)
  • Would grace work in a hard-nosed, competitive market environment? (09:43)
  • "The good news is Jesus doesn't have to come to work at our companies because we do and He's in us." (10:13)
  • "Work is exactly the place that God called us to light up with His love and His grace and His mercy" (11:37)
  • The great resignation has many factors one being people are wrestling with how fragile life is (13:28)
  • There's also a wresting with work relationships (14:15)
  • The need for leaders who lead well through change (14:56)
  • Grace at Work says your highest purpose is about loving others and serving them in the workplace (15:15)
  • "I do think that if people can understand what Grace looks like lived out, it can really be a powerful thing to kind of stem the tide and, hopefully, build a workplace that people, they’re just thriving, and they're loving, and they're highly engaged, and they're motivated, and they stay." -Michael (18:05)
  • "When you set that thermostat on grace, it's amazing because it makes everybody more comfortable, and it inclines people to bring the better person out of themselves"-Tim (21:38)
  • Freedoms that our hearts long for (24:50)
  • The freedom to be different (24:55)
  • The freedom to make mistakes (25:31)
  • The freedom to be candid (26:57)
  • The freedom to be vulnerable (28:08)
  • "As believers empowered by the Holy Spirit working through us, we should be the best people in the company doing hard things."-Michael (31:22)


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